sexy bangles

more bangles the better. i love gold, i love turquoise. 


a beautiful sunday

i spent a beautiful sunday in niles, michigan. it is such a cute little town with friendly people. this warm weather is such a tease. i am not looking forward to the months ahead. the midwest is just so cold. anyway, today i decided to be bold and mix a cute, puffed sleeve striped jacket with the trendy leopard pattern. i believe that it blends very well and adds some dimension to this fall outfit. my boots are my prized possession of the moment. the leather and the cognac color make the boot versatile and perfect for fall and winter. they go with so many outfits. perfection. find them at Aldo. sad to see the weekend end, but i am looking forward to a fun halloween weekend coming up. have a fabulous week.



perfect for fall

these photos caught my eye immediately. the creams and browns are great colors to transition into these colder months. i just adore the classic, simple purse, very vintage. the jacket with a faux fur collar is fabulous and the ruffles add a feminine touch. so fabulous! a great site. check it out HERE! 




i adore the contrast of the first dress with the turquoise and sand hues. the second dress is just too fun, i love the layers i love the strappy platforms, i love the sweetheart neckline. gorgeous and girlie perfection. 




beach in october

i am so happy that i got to spend this beautiful day on the beach. long beach walks always solve your problems. finally wore my my fun fall hat from H&M. and i think it is about time to switch to my fall LV speedy. no more damier...back to the classic. well i have a busy weekend and week ahead of me. who knows when i will be back to the beach.



the perfect studio (haute and rebellious)

 everyone needs to check out the perfect studio! this blog is amazing and every post is more and more inspiration for me. Her boho glam style is to a t and makes me want to dress carefree! love her.